Meet Michelle

With 30 years of piano playing under her belt, Michelle Orpe is a classically trained pianist who has branched out into rock, pop, jazz and blues. This wide range of skills on the keys gives Michelle a well-rounded backgorund for teaching. 

After teaching piano face-to-face for many years and with the editing and presenting knowledge from 15 years working as a Television Presenter, Michelle decided to use her mixed skills and launch her own online piano course, especially after hearing from students who had been frustrated with the courses they had tried. 

Michelle has created a specialised, visual teaching technique that simplifies learning and helps you retain everything you learn to implement it into your playing.

Any of these sound familiar?

 You had lessons when you were a kid and really want to get back into it.

 You always wanted to play the piano but struggle to find the time for lessons.

 You tried to teach yourself online but keep getting stuck without the right guidance.

 You're bored of copying people's hands playing songs and want to learn how to actually play?

If this hit a chord (pun intended!) then My Piano Method is for you! Using a specialised, visual teaching technique, you'll learn how to play the piano with confidence.